Top 5 reasons to own in Breckenridge if you live in Denver

1) You will use the property you buy all the time. That pass you bought will go toward multiple powder runs, miles of mountain biking trails await in the summer (beat the Denver heat) and it will create a convenient weekend getaway for front rangers with family, snow hounds and groups of friends. We are Coloradans, LIFESTYLE people, LIFESTYLE.

2) Rent it out when you aren’t using it. I have a wealth of knowledge and a close relationship with some of the best property management companies in the county, and can help you choose a rental company which will create the most bang for your buck.

3) You can afford it. Financing has started to ease up since the market crash in 2008 and a lot of people are splitting the cost by investing with family members or long time friends. Yes, Breckenridge is known for having high end properties, and there are also plenty of practical options for the buyer looking to get a foot in the market.

4) Capitalize on what you have already found out, Colorado is awesome. The Denver real estate market is booming. Breckenridge tends to follow just behind what the Denver market does, which means now is the time to buy as demand increases with more and more people wanting to move to Denver and surrounding areas. Breckenridge inventory is shrinking, get in the market before everyone else does.

5)  Because its Breckenridge. Events galore, distilleries, breweries and mountain town fun, oh my!



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